Welcome to Ques!

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Welcome to Ques!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new adaptive learning system with content for every year at medical school!

Ques was developed following our frustration with traditional medical school teaching. During our time at medical school, we often felt that we didn’t get enough feedback about what we needed to know and felt lost in the firehose that is medical knowledge.

At medical school, we are often torn by two conflicting demands: developing our clinical reasoning and learning a large amount of information.

At Ques, we have combined these two needs into one amazing learning system!

Our questions focus on developing clinical reasoning and application of scientific concepts to really hone in on how you should be thinking as a doctor.

As you go through your practice questions, our intelligent learning system analyses your weak points and gives you daily tasks in the form of Ques Cards that utilize active learning techniques to help you memorise information.

The system measures your responses and uses spaced-repetition technology to ask you questions just as you’re about to forget it!

After our successful launch of pre-clinical content in March, we’re pleased to announce our full launch this December!

We have over 1000 pre-clinical Single Best Answer (SBA) questions and 1500 clinical SBA questions linked to over 5000 Ques Cards. More to come in the next few months!

To celebrate our launch, we’re giving everyone a free trial until January 2018!

After that, it’s only 5 pounds a month to use the most advanced medical learning system to date!

Have a look at our sample questions and cards and sign up for your free trial today!

~The Ques Team