Interview with the RUMS Review!

By February 20, 2018No Comments

We are growing, thanks to you guys!

From our humble beginnings using our university moodle page to deliver pharm Qs, we’ve now matured into a fully grown medical learning platform with over 2500 Qs!

Over the past two years, we’ve recruited high achieving doctors and medical students from over 10 different UK universities to write the best possible content for you guys!

Happy to say we now have subscribers from over 20 unis! All this because our first subscribers believed in our mission!

Even more to come this year, we won’t stop moving forward until we’re the best platform out there!

We are still as passionate about enhancing medical education with technology as the day we set foot into our first Thursday pharmacology lecture!

Thanks to the RUMS review for the interview, we’ll keep making you proud!