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I came in the top decile this year after using your platform. I have no doubt that your site had a significant role in my exams results, and I am sure that I would not have done as well if I hadn't been a subscriber.

SanjaySt.Georges Medical Student

Your platform is the best of all question banks out there right now. To be honest, I entirely credit Quesmed with my passing finals with distinction.

SamUCL Medical Student

Really clear and user friendly, good quality questions which make it stand out from other question banks that I have used in the past. Really useful as well to have the flashcard feature which other question banks do not have. I also really like the dashboard feature showing your progress!

LukeOxford Medical Student

It was great to have a bank of questions relevant to my level of knowledge and fantastic explanations to help understand my mistakes.

AlexImperial Medical Student

I prefer it to other questionbanks because of the explanations of why all the other options are wrong. The questions are also more like the style my university writes them.

JessSt. George's Medical Student

The questions are of a really high standard - they really force you to think laterally and understand the basic physiology, which I appreciate a lot! The user interface is nice too - with explanations below each answer, right or wrong to explain why.

AnnNottingham Medical Student

What I liked most were the high-quality questions, explanations for all answers (including the incorrect ones) and the brilliant notes after each question

AhmedBirmingham Medical Student

Awesome site, you've saved my year.

MatthewBirmingham Medical Student

This is so great! Thank you so much for these questions - they really ground your understanding, while also introducing you to pathology

AkankshaBristol Medical Student

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