Radiology Interview Question Bank

Radiology Interview

Radiology Interview Questions

Specialty training is becoming more competitive every year, with interviews being the deciding factor between many great candidates. We've recruited top ranking doctors to develop a set of dedicated model questions, notes, and videos to help you stand out and get your dream training post.


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Radiology Interview QBank

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Developed by recent candidates who scored in the top 1-5% of specialty training applications!

Radiology Interview

Interactive Radiology Interview Scenarios with detailed model answers

Developed by high achieving Radiology SpRs, our Qbank provides a systematic collection of structured interview questions to drill your answers and dedicated model answer videos to help you phrase your thoughts for maximal impact on the day.

50+ Scenario Question Bank

Detailed Radiology Interview Question Bank with full coverage of General and Clinical interview sections.

20+ Model Answer Videos

Gold Standard Model Answers that show you, step-by-step, how to answer each question type and shine at your interview!

Radiology Interview Question Model Answer

Expert-developed questions to push your clinical decision making to the next level.


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All you need to do is to load the relevant question quiz, flashcards or notes when online and then you can go offline to revise on the go. Once you're back online, the system will save all your progress and sync with your account again.

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