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Gold Standard MRCP PACES Videos

PACES is one of the most difficult exams you will face in your medical career. We've created the most advanced learning platform to ensure you're ready for the day. With detailed video stations, notes and marksheets, we've got you covered!

100+ Patient Cases

Gold Standard PACES stations showcasing real patient examinations, high quality clinical signs, history and communication stations to help you prepare for the real exam!

Interactive Online Marksheets

Interactive 'tickable' station marksheets you can through yourself or with others to practice your skills and get feedback on your performance!

Comprehensive PACES Textbook

Detailed library for all station types including guidance notes and condition summaries including signs, symptoms, differentials, investigation and management. All the PACES knowledge you need in one place!

Detailed Progress Data

Tick off each station as you go along to ensure you cover all the high yield stations and summaries to get you exam ready.

Learn on the go

Fully optimised for mobile so you can watch videos and practice stations on the go to maximise your learning on the wards and on your commute.

Online Group Study

Role play communication and consultation stations virtually with your colleagues via our integrated audio and video platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

The MRCP PACES is a practical assessment of clinical examination skills, designed to test your ability to assess patients safely, effectively, and efficiently. Unlike the MRCP Written exams, PACES is a face-to-face assessment where you demonstrate your clinical acumen in a variety of stations, emulating real-world clinical scenarios.

Doctors aiming for speciality training in the UK must complete the MRCP PACES. Whether you're aiming for a career in Cardiology, Gastroenterology or many other medical specialties passing the PACES is a pivotal step in your journey.

It is also a recognised post-graduate qualification in many other countries as well.

PACES consists of five stations, each assessing different aspects:

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    Respiratory and Abdominal system examination

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    History taking

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    Cardiovascular and Neurological system examination

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    Communication skills and ethics

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    Integrated clinical assessment

Each station will assess your ability to identify clinical signs, your proficiency in examination techniques, your diagnostic acumen, and your ability to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.

In each station, you're assessed against a set of predetermined criteria, and your performance is rated by two independent examiners. While clinical skills are paramount, effective communication, professionalism, and ethical considerations are equally crucial to achieve success.

Clinical Exposure: Engage in regular bedside teaching and ward rounds. Nothing substitutes real patient interactions to pick up key signs

Videos: Supplement your revision by watching high quality station videos to guide you on how to tackle each station type.

Practice: Use colleagues or friends for mock stations. Simulate exam conditions and obtain feedback.

Books and Courses: Invest in PACES-specific books as reference resources. Attend revision courses if possible.

PACES has specific exam dates and application deadlines. Fees differ based on the location of the exam, with the UK and international centers having different rates. Ensure you plan well in advance to secure your preferred date.

To find out about application dates, fees, and the application process, you can visit the MRCP PACES Page.