We're supporting doctors returning to training

Quesmed is proud to have partnered with Health Education England to develop an Intelligent Question Bank to help support trainees returning to training at a Senior House Officer level


The problem

It can take up to 15 years from graduation, without pause, for a doctor to complete training and be entered onto the specialist register, and there are many reasons why a doctor may take time out of programme.

During the last five years, at any given time, there were approximately 5,000 – or 10% – of postgraduate doctors taking approved time out of programme. This is a normal and expected part of many doctors’ progression through training, and should be recognised as such.

The 2016 Acas junior doctors’ contract agreement committed Health Education England (HEE) to develop innovative, evidence-based initiatives to “remove as far as possible the disadvantage of those who take time out due to, for example, caring responsibilities.”

There is robust evidence indicating that time out of practice can impact on a clinician’s competence and technical skills, as well as their confidence. Targeted support may be required to help doctors get back “up to speed” when they return to training.

Our solution

Collaborating with Health Education England, we have developed a question based resource to help you review key concepts and scenarios you may face when managing patients on the frontline.

Key topics we cover include:

  • Acutely unwell patients
  • Assessment of medical and surgical patientss
  • Managament of cardiac arrest and advanced life support
  • Managament of palliative patients and end of life care
  • Prescribing
  • Data interpretation
  • Specialty based topics

We have developed a 600 question resource to help doctors remember key concepts and facts that they are likely to encounter as they are returning to training. The system monitors your progress and you get a daily personalised feed to test yourself on concepts you’re find more difficult!

The question resource is free to use – just sign up for free with your email address and start learning!


HEE Supported Return to Training

HEE SuppoRTT was developed to provide targeted assistance to help doctors get back “up to speed” when they return to training. They offer a wide variety of support services including learning resources, courses, mentoring and funding.

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